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About Global Currenciez

Global Currenciez is a culmination of many different investment tools for both the new and experienced investors/ traders. We pride ourselves in our community and ability to maintain connections.

We are all business professionals yet at the end of the day we call ourselves a family. Each member being only a text or phone call away, gives our global community the help and support it needs to thrive. This allows us and anyone looking to invest/ trade the chance to diversify their strategy and portfolio, with a little more peace of mind. Global Currenciez is the concept built by traders, for traders.

Global Currenciez, LLC.
PO BOX 696
Frisco, TX 75034
P: (469) 850-1500

You may also try our toll free number @ (844) 94-FOREX or:

P: +1 (844) 244-9080


An extremely liquid market with a much higher risk.


Oriented towards the stable demand for precious metals.


Made up of companies from all sectors of the economy.


A conservative investment with stable low risk returns.