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Frequently Asked Questions

Company Questions (4)

These are the most frequently asked questions about Global Currenciez and its benefits.

What is Global Currenciez?
Global Currenciez LLC is an established firm of elite traders who, collectively, thrive to learn and teach others how to trade currencies, stocks, options, futures and perform various other types of investments.
How do I join Global Currenciez?
Can I Get A Refund?
What does Global Currenciez offer??

Online Trading (4)

Online Trading means buying and selling currencies or securities over the internet. These are our most asked questions regarding online trading.

What is online trading?
What is required for online trading?
Is online investing and day trading the same thing?
What are the risks of online trading?
There is risk of loss associated with investing in securities regardless of the method used. New investors need to understand the principles of investing, their own risk tolerance, and their investment goals before venturing into the market. In addition, online investors may want to consider these other risks. High Internet traffic may affect online investors' ability to access their account or transmit their orders. Online investors should be skeptical of stock advice and tips provided in chat rooms or bulletin boards. Investors should do their own research before acting on these tips. Also, for some online investors, there is a temptation to "overtrade" by trading too frequently or impulsively without considering their investment goals or risk tolerance. Overtrading can effect investment performance, raise trading costs, and complicate your tax situation.

Foreign Exchange (4)

Foreign exchange also refers to the global market where currencies of many countries are traded by way of buying and selling at various exchange rates.

What is Forex?
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What are the Forex market trading hours?
What are the Forex Session times?
What is the best Forex trading strategy?

General Questions (3)

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What are expert advisors in Metatrader?
Expert advisors (EAs) are coded robots that implement various actions on your trading account. Actions can be something as simple as managing your trades while you are away, or placing trades when certain events occur in the given market. Expert advisors are coded with the MQL coding language which is based off of C++ programming.
Can I lose more than my initial investment?
What is a decent ROI target per trade for non-professional traders?