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Top Trading Strategies by Millionaires

7. Wealth Secrets of the Pyramids

Never add more lots to a position than you had in your original base commitment to that particular market. If you started with 5 lots, add 4, then add 3, 2, and finally 1 more shortly before you liquidate the position. This strategy is known as the “pyramiding” technique, it helps you avoid over-commitment while further optimizing profits.

This is a money management tip that leverages your strengths in the market and allows you to capitalize on your increasing asset. It’s like earning interest on your open trades, without being greedy.

8. Trade Divergences From the Rest

This is one of the strategies top traders use regularly to rake in huge profits. The minute they see a market beginning to stray from the “normal” expected path, they make their move. For example, if most traders in general believe the market is bullish, but prices break below previous support levels, these top traders figure it’s time to sell. Brokers and Market Makers have been capitalizing on this strategy for decades and only a few of the elites realized the potential.

9. Shopping the Odds

Elite traders look for market conditions where the assumed risk is low and profit potential is high. For example, if a market is trading near historical lows, it would usually mean there is far more potential for a bullish move than for a continuation of the down move. This is the kind of situation in which new millionaires are created perhaps you’ll be one of them.

You’ll hear talk about only trading relative highs and relative lows, because only current information is relevant. Let me ask you this: If it’s effecting the current price, i.e. your profits, is that information relevant? If so, it’s a good rule to actually mark up your charts from the highest timeframe down to the timeframe you actually base your trades from.

10. Loan Shark Trading

This isn’t a tip I picked up from anyone else but it’s an effective one that I teach. When placing longer positions, instead of waiting on that trade to close before making any profits or further risking the rest of your asset; use the “floating profit” you accrued from that trade being open. This floating profit has increased your equity, correct? This is where you can calculate a percentage of the profits that you’re willing to risk in order to gain more profit.

I have found that by doing this, theoretically you will always remain profitable. Essentially, it’s like trading using loan money to make more money only you’re paying yourself back with interest.

D'Vaughn Bell
D'Vaughn Bell
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