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Feb 24, 2016
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Every Successful Investor Has a Secret

3. Have a Diversification Strategy

Ever hear the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket“? Diversification is important. You cannot be a successful investor if you only invest money into just one, two or three companies. To be a successful investor always determine how much you want to allocate to each class then diversify your investments to reduce risk and increase your chances of success.

Successful investors are incredible at diversifying, keep in mind, the foundation for making a profitable investment decision is knowledge and analysis of the business and the industry. The more knowledge you have, the smoother and better your decision making process will be. As Warren Buffet Said:

“Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense to those who know what they are doing”. – Warren Buffet

All successful investors have a well-defined investment strategy and they abide by this strategy. While some successful investors like Warren Buffett prefer the portfolio focused strategy.

4. Think Long-term

The worst decisions are taken when we become emotional and involve in short-term thinking. When it comes to investing you have to be patient and think long-term. This means having the patience for months and year, not just for some hours, days and weeks.

Every successful investor is extremely patient. When they make an investment after doing their calculations and analysis on a business, they are ready to wait to ensure the success of their plan.

5. Learn Quickly from All Mistakes

Every time an investor talks from experience, they are speaking on behalf of every failure they’ve come across. So it’s wise to listen so that your mistakes are then limited.

You can never be successful without making some mistakes. However these are successful errors, meaning they are not disheartened by these mishaps because they know mistakes are part of the process to becoming a better investor.

When we invest our heard earned money in the stock market, we might feel helpless – like the outcomes are completely out of our control, but that’s not the case. By making wide-range decisions based on the habits and characteristics mentioned here today, we can add discipline to out investment decisions and avoid financial catastrophe.

These traits don’t just apply to the stock market, they go for real-estate, bonds, trading currencies, investing in business and every type of investment.

Remember, money is materialistic. We can’t earn time back. Take notes and follow those tips on how to be a successful investor. Are you ready to be more successful?

D'Vaughn Bell
D'Vaughn Bell
CEO & Founder of Global Currenciez. By being a Personal Trainer, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Author and U.S. Marine, I was able to master determination, discipline and astute attention to detail. Everything I've been through, all the struggles, each obstacle became my resume for success. D'Vaughn Bell

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