Global Currenciez, growing in financial technology, leading in financial education, and providing unique services for traders, investors, and analysts.

We offer investment management for individuals who do qualify, expert chart analysis from our market analysts, and a platform for investors, traders and analysts to earn money by contributing to the overall growth and success of the community.


We use our phones a lot. | but are you making money from it? | You can trade from anywhere. | Now you can learn how to trade from anywhere | stay connected with investors | video chat with professional traders | join live conferences and much more...

The Global Currenciez Messenger App is completely free and available to all members. Simply use your University (GCU) login details to access the App's wide range of features.


The mobile App that makes learning, networking, trading and investing much more convenient.

Market Analysis

Analyze the attractiveness and dynamics of the world's fastest growing market live, in real-time.

Market Forecast

Research in-depth reports and market data to implement a more institutional-fundamental analysis.

Daily Signals

Maintain a profitable portfolio by just pressing a button that implements top trades by experts.


Push Notifications

Stay up-to speed with the world's fastest market and get notified as every single event unfolds.

Mobile University

Living life on-the-go shouldn't stop you from learning how to supplement your income by trading.

Elite Community

The only thing more powerful than being a successful trader is being connected to thousands more.


Captivating user experience


"..Unlike anything else"


"..Out of this world"


"..Fast and seamless"



The Global Currenciez Messenger Mobile iOS & Android App are available across all mobile devices and on both the Google Play and Apple Store for FREE.

Compatible on all the leading iOS and Android devices, this App is secure and safe to use. Effortlessly switch from desktops to mobile devices as GCM automatically syncs all information from our website to your computer, cell-phone and tablet.

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