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We offer investment management for individuals who do qualify, expert chart analysis from our market analysts, and a platform for investors, traders and analysts to earn money by contributing to the overall growth and success of the community.


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We are Looking for Qualified Traders and Investors

Our network and financial technology allow traders to make more money by connecting with qualified investors and vice versa.

Who we are

Global Currenciez


Global Currenciez LLC or GC was a former public trading group offering trade signals and mentorship (built by traders for traders). Since our initial launch in April of 2016, we have transcended into a more professional group of traders.

Our firm houses brokers, analysts, and traders with more than 15 years of individual trading expertise, investment management services, financial education, mentorship, technology and arguably one of the more valuable assets, our community.

Collectively our network consists of both new and experienced traders in addition to investors.

Job security has no guarantee, but economic uncertainty does.
With the right resources, one can become sufficient enough to take on the worst economic conditions.

That is why we teach the art of trading and investing in debt securities, equity securities, and derivatives which include commodities, private equities, indices, futures, currencies, stocks, real estate, bonds, and funds.

Our commitment holds true for every asset class, whether you want to learn how to trade or learn how to invest. We also hold opportunity for each wealth class with our range of products and services, catered to your risk strategy and preferential investment type.

Learn why we spell Global Currenciez with a 'z' at the end.


We provide all the resources you need to become self-employed.

Investment Management

Institutional-grade asset and account management performed right by expert traders and technology.

Personal Funding

Get qualified for loans and personal lines of credit to take the stress off from firing your boss.

Currency Exchanges

Exchange or convert your preferred currency into any fiat or digital currency using our technology.

Legal Resources

Get convenient access to a network of financial and legal professionals that are waiting to help.

Private Banking

Highly personalized financial and banking services matched with unique wealth management services.

Brokerage Services

Enjoy using a brokerage that offers clients better pricing, lowest spreads, and more instruments.

Qualify and borrow upto $500,000 in Unsecured Personal Funding

Join so we can help you qualify for working capital in any amount between $2,500 and $500,000 from our investors or your preferred bank.


Your time may be worth more than a wage, salary or commission.
Why not set your own schedule?


Every reputable company has a blog, and we call ours "The Exchange." The Exchange is where we offer free, yet very-valuable tips and insight into the markets, trading, news, and just some information to keep you motivated. These three posts below are perhaps some of the most important reads for new traders.

How Much To Expect From Trading Forex

In the high-risk, high-yield markets, the idea of becoming rich overnight is prominent. You won't find this anywhere else. Trading is a lifestyle.

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The Cold Truth About Forex Strategies

Don't go chasing the latest new strategy like many other amateur traders. Focus on what less than 5% do - solid education and trading principles.

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The Top 5 Successful Forex Billionaires

Billionaires do exist in the Forex market! Many have tried, but only a few have amassed empires through this volatile exchange, here's how they did it.

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The average compounded monthly growth of our professional traders.


Our quality programs and resources make beginners successful.


Loyalty gets rewarded to our members with unique offers and bonuses.


We are a firm; believers in learning and teaching, responsible for ourselves and the greater good of the community.


To simplify investments and trading strategies, build and diversify portfolios that fit our three trading principles.


Our elite team, unique platform and professional resources will help you learn, grow and take advantage of the most lucrative financial market available. Are you serious about building your portfolio?

Hurry, for a limited-time we are offering exclusive discounts and offers.

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Share your experience from our services and earn a 40% commission.

We really value our relationships. Refer an investor to Global Currenciez and earn 1% of their deposit.

Deposits must be in a licensed and regulated broker account.